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Clearpath Development Advantage

The most widely known source of discontent with the Offshore Business Model is that the Offshore company had not properly managed their resources to the satisfaction of the U.S. based company. To solve this issue Clearpath assigns one Senior Project Manager for up to 20 engineers unless otherwise agreed upon. This Project Manager is trained in the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom. This person is based out of Ho Chi Minh City and his/her job is to act as a liaison between the Offshore Development team as well as the U.S. based company on a daily basis. Without this clear communication quality cannot be assured, and everyone can agree that quality cannot be compromised.


Clearpath is headquartered in Da Nang, Vietnam with a satellite facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnam is an up and coming economic power in Asia. In fact, Vietnam has one of the highest economic growth rates of all Asian countries. Vietnam does not suffer from the same political turmoil that exists in other nations where companies have traditionally gone for Offshore Development. Also, Vietnam Offshore Development comes with a significant price advantage over China and India.


Clearpath has a state-of-the-art facility for software development.Clearpath's work environment, unlike most in Vietnam, is based on the United States model. The facility is equipped with high capacity bandwidth, supplied by multiple carriers and redundant equipment to ensure 24/7 access to our worldwide customers. It is Clearpath's belief that a worker friendly environment is conducive to employee retention and overall employee satisfaction. In almost all aspects Clearpath runs it's office like a United States office would be run. We invite you to visit us!


Clearpath uses the Team of 5 concept. For every 5 Engineers employed at Clearpath there is one Senior (Level 4) Resource, two Mid-Level (Level 3) Resources, and 2 Junior (Level 2) Resources. This model insures information interchange among the employees and also acts as a source of employee satisfaction in that employees are continuously improving and add to their technical skill-sets by being exposed to experienced peers.